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Make $400 PER DAY With ZERO Money To Start! (Earn Money Online Free)-62WxT5wtCVc

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Make $400 PER DAY With ZERO Money To Start! (Earn Money Online Free)-62WxT5wtCVc

what’s going on guys in today’s video
I’m going to show you how to get results
like this and the best part of this is
it’s going to cost you nothing zero
dollars I know you guys love this
absolutely no money on this method and
you don’t need a website you don’t need
any of those technical skills and I’m
going to show you how you can do this
method step by step and make money
online but you must stay to the end
because I have a secret for you that’s
going to show you how to make even more
money with this method so make sure you
stay to the end guys smash that like
let’s go and I’ll show you how to make
money online alright guys welcome back
to this juicy method in this method
you’re gonna learn how to make the money
with no website that’s completely free
to do and it’s literally a copy and
paste method I’m going to show you how
to copy and paste so you can make money
online with this method what we’re gonna
be doing is we’re gonna be actually
going out and promoting these big
payment programs this is called
affiliate marketing we go and we get a
commission for this from promoting these
particular products and I’ve found a
special product that you can make over
four hundred dollars per day with and
all you need is literally one sale to
make that four hundred dollars per day
so what I’ve done is I’ve hand selected
the perfect product for this method
where you can make an average sale of
four hundred and sixty three dollars
every time someone purchases this
specific product so what are the steps
let’s go through the step by step from
start to finish so step number one is we
need to go to a website where we can
find a product to promote I’m going to
show the products now in this particular
case we want to target health products
so you can use Clickbank which we’re
going to be using in this video or you
can use a platform called market health
affiliate network that also has health
products that you can go and promote so
what we do is we get a commission for
these we go and recommend these products
and we get a commission and return it
can be 50% 70% while we’re going to be
promoting is 50% so the first step is
you want to go to clickbank comm and you
want to go to create an account and you
simply want to go through the steps of
creating an account it’s very simple to
you just put in the basic information
you usually would when you start an
account on any website now this is the
best website for this method Clickbank
because they did find the best product
although you can use other websites to
do this as well now once you sign up to
Clickbank you want to log in and you’ll
be taken to a dashboard like this make
sure you click the marketplace and this
is the dashboard we’re going to go and
handpick the product that I found for
you that can make over $400 per day so
if we scroll down guys and we click on
the health and fitness niche okay and
then we go to the top here and we want
to sort by average sale so these are the
highest paying programs and the reason
we want to go off the highest paying
ones is because it takes a lot less work
we don’t need a lot of volume to make
money so we’re going to scroll down guys
and we’re gonna go to the fat burning
Soap recipes and we’re just going to
have a look here and I’m gonna show you
what this product is about so this is a
health product a fat burning product
very nice page here and people can
purchase this and we can make money and
if we go here we just click on promote
and we get our link so all we got to do
is click promote generate link and we
will get a link that we can promote but
how do you actually go and make the
money we need to get traffic and I have
found the perfect free traffic solution
for you that is perfect for the health
and recipe niche it is literally the
best place online to get targeted
traffic for this particular product and
that place guys is Pinterest it
absolutely blows up when it comes to
health if we look at this pin right here
six thousand saves if we look at this
pin right here four thousand says now
the reason Pinterest is such a big place
to get health traffic is simple the
demographic for Pinterest is mainly
woman interested in health and recipes
are huge on Pinterest they blow up big
time they can go super viral and you can
make a lot of money now if we look at
this one here you’ll see that they have
a link that goes to a website so we can
actually utilize this and I’m going to
show you an awesome trick at the end of
this video so make sure you stay so you
can make more money for
this it’s a very good trick but it goes
to a website so let me kind of explain
to you and show you how this works and
show you what you can do okay so this
product is about recipes simple recipe
product it’s a diet product and it’s
about I guess just recipes so 700 are
sorry 370 mouth-watering dishes so what
we can do is we actually create a pin
based on recipes these ones are based on
kind of like lemon tips we’ve got all of
these other ones down here fitness tips
this one here that we got before this is
the lemon one and then the other one we
and this one here actually that I found
30 days sugar detox cleanse your body
from sugar help you lose weight with a
body of a skeleton that is literally it
insanely easy to do now how do you
create these for free and how do you go
and make these look beautiful now I’m
actually going to show you that guys but
before we get into that I just want to
kind of explain how Pinterest works it’s
a search engine it’s one of the biggest
search engines online and people are
consistently searching things so that’s
why it’s a great place to get your
product to make a commission so the
first thing you want to do is sign up to
an account at okay canva calm
this is a free website that we can use
to create Pinterest graphics so I’m
gonna go down to Pinterest graphics here
and there sometimes might be templates
that you can use sup I scroll down
we’ve got best ever cookie recipes we
have do-it-yourself purple winning
decorations we have all sorts of stuff
but if I go up to here and put in
recipes I bitch sure I could find
something but what I’ve done guys
they’ve found some recipe templates and
I’m gonna edit them in a second and show
you how to do that and show you how
simple it is to do so I’m actually just
going to find one here one that I kind
of like this one here so I like this one
which is recipes healthy salads visit
this website and as you can see it’s
imported and it’s really and I can edit
this okay
now I’m actually going to edit this and
leave these images here but if you want
to look for images you can use without
getting in trouble with copyrights and
anything like that simply go to google
and put an roi ‘l t free image
and you can go to websites like this one
which is and just put in
health food and there’s all of these
images that you could use for free as an
overlay on your template here okay now I
do want to mention that the kind of
image you do is going to depend on the
products right so this is a fat-burning
recipe product so it makes sense for me
to do a pen based on recipes it just
makes sense otherwise it wouldn’t be
congruent and it wouldn’t work and it
wouldn’t just just wouldn’t work right
so these guys obviously have a detox
product here so that’s why they have the
sugar free detox or whatever that is
okay so now what I’m going to actually
do is I’m going to go back here and it’s
got 370 math watering dishes so I’m just
going to change this here too and I’ll
come back and I’ll show you what I’ve
done all right guys so what I’ve done is
a simple in it I literally went in and
put 370 insane dishes to lose weight
that’s all I changed because this
template is ready to go it’s already got
royalty-free images
it’s literally ready for me to go I can
start to go and post this and make money
and there’s so many templates you can
use so there’s no excuse to go and do
this guys and this works really really
well so once you’ve actually done this
and you’ve created a kind of
nice-looking template you want to go up
to here guys and just download it okay
so I’m gonna download it
don’t put it straight to Pinterest just
yet just download this image okay nice
and simple
now the next thing you want to make sure
you have a Pinterest account okay make
sure you actually have one going and you
want to go into the Pinterest account
and now we want to actually post this
pin so you just click on the little
thing up here and then go create a pin
now this is the most important part we
need to optimize it for search terms
kind of like Google and YouTube if
you’re going to upload stuff to to those
platforms so what I would do is
something like this let me kind of fill
this out and I’ll explain to you what
I’ve done alright guys so what I’ve done
is I’ve optimized this pin and I’m going
to go and post this pin so put 307 T
amazing weight loss recipes so I put
weight loss in the title because that’s
a keyword people will be searching
and then down here are you looking to
lose weight so lose weight is another
keyword maybe you want to know how to
lose weight so how to lose weight is
another one that people will be
searching we’re optimizing with keywords
that people are most likely going to be
searching online once you’ve done this
the description and the title you want
to simply upload your image now I’ve
uploaded the image by clicking on it and
now it’s right there now the last thing
we want to do is we want to put in our
affiliate link so we go back to the
website and we go to promote and we copy
this or we go generate hop links and we
copy this link now I do want to mention
guys is that a lot of people say oh you
can’t put a Flynt links on Pinterest and
stuff like that
yes you can you just can’t shorten the
links or redirect them they need to be
the raw link you are allowed to put
affiliate links on Pinterest it says so
in their policy the thing they don’t
allow is link redirects or link shortens
and then I’m going to just put this in
here okay and you can’t see it but it’s
there and then all I need to do is go
publish immediately and hit publish
which I’m going to do right now and I’m
just going to put it into one of my
other ones just because I don’t have a
health one up right now and this has now
been published right this pin is
completely live and people can now find
it on Pinterest now obviously I don’t
have to do more than one because you’re
just going to go on post one and make
$400 a day every single day there is a
little bit more to it but I did promise
you something that will help you make
more money so what you want to do is you
want to go and do this but there’s
something else that you can go and use
and this is called tail wind calm now
this would cost you a little bit of
money but they do have a free trial and
what this does is you can actually go
and find all of the popular pins on
Pinterest and you can schedule them on
your Pinterest account with this
software and you can edit them and put
in your own links and it literally just
scales this stuff it just takes it to
the next level and you can just make so
much more money by doing it and just
scales and scales and scales it’s the
next level it’s completely automated and
all of that sort of stuff and I’m not
going to put any links to this in the
affiliate links I’m generally just
recommending this program
because it’s really really good and you
have what we call a smart loop that
drives traffic by reassuring the best
content so what it does is it’s real
smart it’s really really smart and it’ll
find your best content and it will keep
sharing that over and over again so you
spread your links out all through
Pinterest and you start to make a lot of
money now if you want to learn more
about Clickbank and here you can make
bigger commissions and more money with
this particular platform I have a
training I will leave a link below and
you can check out this training it takes
you through exactly how to start your
own Clickbank affiliate marketing
business online we have four pages just
on Clickbank if we go back we have heaps
of modules showing you everything you
need to know about affiliate marketing
if you want some more training on the
flip marketing guys I’ll leave some
videos up on the screen a video and a
playlist it will take you through step
by step how to make money online with
affiliate marketing step-by-step don’t
forget to subscribe
Ted that notification bow guys smash
that like button and I’ll see you in one
of the videos on the right

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