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How To Make Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide-5gJ0KUPNqzw

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How To Make Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide-5gJ0KUPNqzw

Ten years ago it was 17 percent
Of the world’s population is used
Internet on a regular basis and only ten years later
This number jumped very soon
For fifty percent.
The fact of the matter is that everyone aspires
Because he owns his own business
That works for the same account
Or even become physically independent
The Internet is the key. there is a lot of
Money to make. In the first part of
This video we’ll look at
Four very different methods people use
While we speak now to make money
on the Internet. If you want to skip ahead to
The method that interests you the most
You can check the description box
To move forward. After this we will
By talking about exactly how you can learn
Do these methods and start making money
by yourself. Let’s start this right away
The first way we will
Looking at is affiliate marketing
Affiliate shopping is
Essentially when you refer to someone
Into a product. It can be a digital product
Or physical product and get you
On the percentage of commission
Let us say metaphorically as an example that I am interested
Self Development
So I am your normal consumer and write
Best Self Development Books for 2016
This is the search result. Click on
First link as most people do
The link will take me to a page
It’s basically a demo page about what
This person thinks the best book for 2016
And I scroll down and all these books are on display
So click here
And you can see that this is actually an Amazon link
Redirects you to Amazon
What this person is doing on their site
He actually uses what is called
"Amazon affiliate" continued Amazon. Let’s say I’m a user
I will decide to buy this book you added
To my shopping list
What will happen is that Amazon will pay
This blog has a percentage of these $ 17 and for Amazon
You will get between 6 to 15 per cent
To say 10 percent
He gets about a dollar and seventy cents
And you can say to some extent that this is not much money

The great thing about Amazon
If you decide to buy another book
Let us say, for example, this outstanding book
And I decided to buy this book
Amazon will give you a percentage about this book
For the next 24 hours. And anything you will buy
On Amazon will give this person
A percentage of everything you buy
Another way to find affiliates is just by writing
Next to any company the word "affiliate" subsidiaries
We’ll use "moo" as an example
"moo" site sells
Business cards I have written "affiliate"
She took me to this page and here
You can see the commission system
As you can see for each client I bring
For "moo" decides to buy
I get $ 8 and every time this customer comes back to buy
I get 2 dollars and fifty cents and the great thing
About affiliates located in fact
You don’t need to invest anything
To start making money all you have to own
Is some traffic
That’s why most YouTube users
Most bloggers all use
Affiliate Marketing
Well, to the next way
We’ll take a look at Instagram
Instagram is actually
The most profitable social media platforms
Because by far everything
Very visual
Think of Instagram as a shopping window
Let’s take a look at how this page makes "millionaire dream"
Her 250,000 followers of money

The first thing you notice here
He has a link in his autobiography
If we click on this link
Let’s see where he will bring us.
He will bring us to an online seminar page
You can see on this page that it is basically
Roughly the basis of his income movement
Have 500 people registered for this online seminar
He mostly sells
Electronic product here. Let’s take a look at another page
These people "motivationmfaia"
They have more than 1.6 million followers
Well good, you can see here
This is called "permit"
He basically did the work of Post
And explained in explaining this post
Another page for this client is Stephen
This is only a way to promote
About someone else and the pages of those other people
You will pay large sums of money
To get someone to promote them
I thought you would get for each
$ 50 to disclose
So if someone has 1.6 million followers
In any case, he will get $ 300 to $ 600
For each disclosure
This is a consistent source of income
Because you can work Post, 6 hours ago, 4 hours ago
So every two hours he makes a new post
A few hundred dollars
And that’s all he has to do
Most people may think well
How do I get a lot of followers
We’ll cover this above
At the end of the video
Another method of making money is by
So we are on another page
About the gym
lets take alook
This is probably a promotional video
Well, great
This person has not only made a statement
On this page but this page also contains
Their website is somewhat online
This is called propaganda
Because this company ""
Gym paid large sums
Of money to declare it on their page
And bring a lot of browsers
Well, the next method we’re going to talk about
It is a "kindle" kindle
Kindle performs daily personal chores
And come to me with decent amounts of money
Per one month
Kindle within the Amazon group
It is the third largest search engine in the world
Let’s take a look, suppose we
Random consumers
And are interested in social skills
This brings us to a page full of books
Of all these books here maybe
This, this, this is possible
They are really big publishers
Every other book published by people
Like me and you, let’s take a look at this
If this book by benfield mr.Tom
The price of 299 points means that he gets
Two dollars per copy sold
And this cover as you see
And there aren’t many viewers
This is really a very easy way
To see but we will not
By talking about this in this video today
To find how much money
These people are made from one book
We’ll move down and take a look
The best selling Amazon
That’s about 100,000
In Kindle which means he is
One sale per day
So he makes two dollars every day
You can say that this is not much
Well, the whole point is that the Kindle strategy
Lies behind the creation of the Kindle trade
To have multiple books 10, 20
Some people have 50 to 100 books
If you own 100 books
They come in dollars every day
That’s $ 200 every day
This salary is 60,000 years
And that’s a decent amount of money
Let’s take a look at a book directly above
If you follow the means you find
Online on how to rank your book higher
You may get a place
Like this, this is right here
He is still selling for $ 5
So he makes about $ 4 per sale
lets take alook
How many copies sells a day
The best rated is 19,000 at one hundred thousand
You sell one copy a day
At 50 thousand you sell about
Two copies a day at about 25 sells
45 at 20,000 you sell about
56 copies per day
$ 20 a day from just one writer
If he raises the rate and has 10 books like this
He makes $ 200 a day
This works for any classification not only
Communication skills you can write
About anything you like how you look at this
How to write a book
The price points in these 299 is likely
Sells about 4 to 5 copies a day
If this book saves him about $ 10
A day and there’s a bouquet of
Different classifications like these
And that’s basically how money works
From Kindle. So the last method
Which we’ll take a look at today
Is "Fiver". Viver is in fact a growing platform
We have grown dramatically
During the past years
And the idea behind it basically
You pay people $ 5
To do anything
They can say that $ 5 is nothing
It is not with much money
Well for any of these people
Random classification by the way
Which of these bestsellers?
Not only do they have multiple requests
In the queue, which means 20 queues
But they also have
The so-called high sales they provide
Better, more refined overall service
And three revisions are sometimes a quick order
And they get a lot
So what you’ll find is that a lot of these orders
Yes, you know maybe half of it
You’ll get $ 5 but the other half
Maybe 20 some of them maybe even 30
Some of them for some reasons have 40
They can make a decent amount of money
And the great thing about Viber
It has labels that can work automatically
Very easy everything is pictorial
And taxonomic design for most parts
You get people
From other countries Philippines, India, Pakistan
And if you can put yourself in between
The highest points are here
You don’t need a lot of opinions
You can get a decent amount of money
In many of these. You know that designs are not
Made from scratch there are many
From overseas programs a lot of sites abroad
That will enable you to develop
Some of these are completely free
It just that people don’t learn how to do it
If they come to Viber
They hope to pay some money to someone
He can do that so Viber comes. So what exactly are the means
That I need to follow in order to
Never make money
Of any of these means. How I put it all together
The funny thing is that everything you need to know
About making money online regardless
You can find it online
The best way to learn any of
These methods are by reading a topic in a forum
Or buy a course done by someone
Money is already made from these means
For affiliate marketing there
Literally thousands of free publications
And videos on setting up an affiliate marketing site
If you are interested in doing that
Google is your best friend
And for Kindle there is really a very good course
A friend of mine called Stephanie
He knows I’m personally using it
And support him. Whoever does not have of you
Money a lot is what I recommend
Is to buy the course
Go through all the lessons
Then I ask to return the money
I think you have 30 days to get the course back
Once you start making money you can
Always repay the debt by buying the course
Again for Instagram I actually know
Collect a fortune of over a million followers
Alone if you are
Interested in making money on Instagram
You can expect a video about
How to enlarge your own page until the end of the month.
For Viber there is a bunch of cheap courses
It’s not what I’ve tried myself but again look for that
That you can redeem for your purchase
Go through it and ask for a refund. I wish you
Work some value through this video
The goal of this video will give you
Generally an idea of ??many, many
Multiple ways enable you to make money online
If you have any questions
Please leave it in the comments below
And I will make sure to answer the largest number
Possible as much as I can.
Stay tuned

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