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12 Websites To Make Money Online In 2020 ($200 A DAY!)-2c0vOQlfVp0

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12 Websites To Make Money Online In 2020 ($200 A DAY!)-2c0vOQlfVp0

hey there my name’s Chris winter in this
video I’m gonna share with you some of
the best websites where you can make
money online for this year now there are
lots of websites out there that which
will say that you can make a lot of
money but there’s gonna be legitimate
websites where you can actually make a
decent amount of money even if you are a
beginner and you don’t have a whole lot
of money anyway let’s talk about some of
these websites where you can make money
online for this year alright so the
first website is called udemy comm this
allows you to sell courses to a massive
audience so udemy is essentially the
number one online course website where
you can pretty much get a course in
anything so online education is getting
really big these days the reason why I
wanted to share this with you is because
pretty much anyone can create a course
so all you need to know is a little bit
more than other people and you can
create a course so if we take a look at
this here this digital marketing course
here normally sells for $199 but they
often have a lot of discounts on you to
me but even if you are just making 12
euros for each of these these courses
you can actually see that this has sold
over 62,000 times actually it’s already
had 300,000 enrolled but it’s got 62,000
ratings so if you think about that two
hundred ninety six thousand people at
you know $12 you’re going to be making
in the millions of dollars here just on
this course there’s also another one
here about Python which is just a
programming language this guy has had
692 thousand people enrolled so
essentially what I would recommend is
you know thinking about something that
you’re passionate about something that
you know a little bit more than the
average person then all you need to do
is create a few videos you know maybe 10
or 12 videos to start your course and
from there you can create that course
put it up on you to me pretty much
anyone can get accepted and then you’ll
be able to get this passive income
because this here was probably made you
know three or four years ago all that
work was done at the start and now
people are still you know making money
every day from these courses here on you
to me now if you want to make a little
bit more from your courses and not sell
them for 12 euros or 12 dollars for
example what I would recommend is
selling your course on teachable again
you might not have an idea for your
course just yet but there are so many
different things that you could make it
on you know I I could make a course on
how to you know create a YouTube channel
because I’ve created a YouTube channel
or how to build an online business
because I’ve done this before
but you might be good at you know
basketball and you might got to do
basketball videos or you might better
good do videos about gaming or something
like that the reason why I recommend
teachable is because you can tell your
course is for a lot higher prices so for
example I know a guy who’s selling his
course on teachable his name’s Ryan
Scribner so he has this six-figure
affiliate marketing course which sells
for twelve hundred and forty six dollars
which is pretty crazy and I know a lot
of people are getting in on this he also
has a stock market investing course it’s
got a passion a paycheck course and he
does some free courses as well and the
reason why he does this is to get
people’s email address to do some lead
generation so then they can funnel their
way into this like affiliate marketing
course so again you might not know
exactly what you can do but I do want to
let you know that you can make a lot of
money in the tens of thousands up to the
100’s of thousands of dollars a month
with courses online next up if you’re
good at crafts or you’re good at making
things I’d highly recommend selling on
Etsy if you don’t know what SC it is is
it’s a place where you can buy handmade
things you know vintage things custom
things and it’s kind of like eBay for
handmade stuff and it’s really big these
days you can see that quite a lot of
people are making a lot of money through
it so for example if you know how to
crochet you can sell these little llamas
or you can make these little leather
things here as well this one here’s had
over 6,000 reviews at 142 crowns which
is about around about $20 so there are
definitely a lot of things you can do on
Etsy even here you know this is just
someone who’s put a you know a picture
on a mug and they’re gonna be selling
that because people want these custom
gifts and custom gift ideas for example
I know when a few years ago my
girlfriend she’s a big Harry Potter fan
so what I did is I went onto Etsy and I
think I looked for a few different
things that they could have for Harry
Potter so you know someone’s created
this kind of picture here but what I
actually got was someone who is a
woodworker they created a Harry Potter
one and he can see all of these custom
Harry Potter ones so someone was
passionate about woodworking and they
were able to sell these ones for like
thirty or forty dollars which you know
they would have enjoyed doing anyway so
that’s one of the great things about
Etsy if you’re passionate about
something if you’re good working with
your hands
it is a great one as well so another
fantastic website is called envato it’s
actually an Australian company and
they’re huge because they have a number
of different ways in which you can sell
your digital products so the first one
I’m going to show you is called graphic
ribbon net but they also have like a
theme forest which is for WordPress
things they’ve got code Canyon
they’ve got video hive they’ve got audio
jungle I think and essentially what this
is is a way in which you can sell your
digital products that you’ve created and
you sell them in bulk because so many
people are going to be buying them so
for example rather than just being good
at you know creating a logo for one
company you would sell a logo template
which thousands of companies can use and
thousands of people could could end up
buying and using so let’s search for a
logo here and I’ll show you just how big
this can kind of scale so if we go to
the best sellers for example this one
here for example or this one here this
here is gonna be selling for $8 and it’s
just a logo mock-up it’s not even a logo
itself but essentially you’d put your
own logo in here and it would look like
it’s engraved but this here is only $8
so that might not sound like a lot but
when you consider this has had 5700
sales times eight dollars that’s $45,000
for just this one file and I can bet you
that this guy here is going to be having
a lot more than just one logo so the
reason why I want you to think about
this is that you know maybe if you’re
going to be doing a logo for a company
if you’re good at graphic design you
might make $500 you might make $1000 you
might even make $10,000 for a bigger
company but if you put your logo up here
for a lot of other people to use and
doing it in bulk you’re gonna be able to
make $50,000 and let’s just have a quick
look at his collections here and you’ll
be able to see that he’s had over 14,000
sales on just five items it’s really
incredible all of these are really cheap
items that people don’t really think
about they’re just like okay eight bucks
that’ll save me from creating that logo
myself this guy’s done it imagine if he
had a hundred items that’s another one
like I said before if you don’t know
anything about Web Design you can
definitely sell your themes over on so this is where you can
find kind of WordPress web design
or Shopify web designs and again these
sell for you know $50 $100 if we take a
look at the WordPress you can see the
popular items let’s take a quick look at
this just to see the amount of money
that you can make so this one here is
called a vitae Avada sorry this one here
is called Avada and it sells for $60
let’s see how many times they’ve sold
this which again they could have just
done it you know to one company they’ve
had 540 sales of this website
let’s do 540 sales times $60 they’ve
made 32 million dollars gross on this
website on this WordPress template 32
million dollars rather than selling it
to just one person they sold it to many
people is a much smarter idea next up is
the Amazon Associates Program this is an
affiliate program with Amazon comma I’m
sure you’ve all heard about Amazon
Associates or Amazon at least with their
affiliate program if you if someone
clicks on your link either in your blog
or a YouTube channel or on your
Instagram if they end up buying that
product or any product within 24 hours
you get up to a 10% commission now I’ve
been doing this for a long time and you
can actually see that I make a fair bit
of money every day you know $200 $200
318 dollars and I’ll show you my last
year’s Commission’s with Amazon and
you’ll see just how much money you can
actually make it’s pretty incredible
just through linking you know either a
camera review or a computer of you or
your favorite products with your family
and then they end up buying it for
example with electronics it’s around
about a 4% Commission so you can see
right here in January last year I made
$9,000 February 8000 March 9000 April
8000 May 8000 and it just goes on and on
and then I also got these bounties for
when people click on that link and then
they end up signing up for things like
audible or Amazon Prime affiliate
marketing is an awesome one I’ve got a
lot of videos on my channel if you wanna
check them out go check them out next up
again if you are good at logo design I’m
not gonna go into this one too much but
this is 99 designs it’s been around for
a long time the great thing about 99
designs is that there’s a lot of work
and people are willing to
a lot of money so if you add it good at
logo illustrations and things like that
there’s lots of contests where you can
join and someone’s got to put a bounty
up it might be you know $1,000 for a
logo 10,000 dollars or something and if
you win the competition you end up
making a good amount of money and you
can do lots of different logos and lots
of difference and it’s a great way to
get some good business next up is a
website called anchor FM and what anchor
dot FM is allows you to do is share your
podcast with a whole lot of different
networks so if you do have a podcast
it’s the best way to really get your
podcast out to you know iTunes to Google
podcasts even to Spotify so essentially
all you do is you’d get your audio file
your mp3 file and then you upload it to
anchor FM and then they do all the work
for you so it’s all free they’ve got
free hosting and you can actually make
money with this so you get paid to do
your podcasting so like I said before
they go pretty much just distributes it
to pretty much everywhere but the great
thing with podcasting is that you can
also make money through things like
brand deals through sponsors you can do
that affiliate marketing again so you
could talk about you know your favorite
products and then link them in the in
the show notes and you can also just
make money through ads with anchor FM
now if you’re not exactly sure which
kind of thing you want to do go check
out fiber because there’s so many people
making a lot of money with fiber comm
essentially what fiber comm is is a
place where you can buy gigs so people
would you know do a voice over gig so
let’s say I needed a voice over for a
video that I’m making that I needed to
do for a minute you could charge like
twenty-five dollars per gig to do that
so again we can search for anything
let’s take a look at voice over just
just for fun so if you’ve got a good
voice or if you’ve you know had some
professional experience with that you
can see that this person here will
record a 100 word pro voice over head
five stars over a thousand people have
done it and it’s actually starting at
two hundred dollars so I’m in Sweden so
this is in Swedish Krona but you can see
this girl here is also done our
a professional female voiceover in 12
hours she’s had 105 people do this and
that’s going to cost around about a
hundred dollars this guy here he’s a
little bit cheaper he’s gonna be doing
it for around about thirty dollars you
can see a thousand people are doing this
as well if we quickly play the thing you
can listen to so if you’ve got a good
voice you can pretty much just get a
microphone maybe the one that you gonna
be using for your podcast and then you
can put it on to fiber and do it there
now if you’re looking for a more
traditional kind of job take a look at
now this isn’t a big traditional a sense
that you go to an office but you can do
office type jobs just virtually so one
of the things that I really recommend
for a lot of people to do is to be a
virtual assistant and essentially what a
virtual assistants going to be is
someone who helps people online to do
things like their mail the email their
calendar book schedules or book travel
for them and things like that now these
people here are from the Philippines
they’re only making $3 an hour but if
you go to the filters and you go check
out United States you’ll actually see
that people can get paid you know 15
dollars an hour doing this virtual
assistant work twenty dollars an hour
thirty dollars an hour and you can
actually see that this girl here is over
sixty thousand dollars with 100% job
success being a virtual assistant so all
she would have is a phone or a computer
access to you know Google Documents and
know how to use word and you can become
a virtual assistant on up work so there
you go guys there were a few of the best
websites where you can make money online
now like I said before you don’t need a
whole lot of money to get started you
just need a good attitude and you maybe
need access to either a phone or a
computer that’s definitely just going to
be all you need and hopefully you guys
will start making some good money
through these websites this year I’d say
for today guys good luck making money
online for this year I’ll see you in the
next video bye

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