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8 ways to MAKE MONEY with your CAMERA right now!-cloEb9p9Pvg

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8 ways to MAKE MONEY with your CAMERA right now!-cloEb9p9Pvg

– Hey guys, what is going on?
In this video, I’mtalking about eight ways
that you can make moneywith your camera right now.
(upbeat music)
So it’s never been a bettertime to be a photographer,
or a filmmaker becausethere’s so many outlets
in the world right now tomake money off of your camera.
So I’m gonna go througheight different ways
that I personally makemoney using my camera
and some of the things thatyou guys can do right now
to start making making money as well.
As creators, we obviouslywanna shoot the things
that we wanna shoot but sometimes
it always doesn’t work out that way
because we still have to pay our bills.
However, with social mediaand YouTube, Instagram,
all that good stuff,there are so many ways
that you can make moneythrough these channels.
So the first one is tostart a production company
or a photography businessand pick up clients.
This is obviously like the main way
that you can make money using your camera,
start a business, pick upclients, make some money.
So a tip to be successful doing this
is pick a niche.
When you’re thinking aboutwhat it is that you wanna do
as a production company oras a photography business,
think about if there’s a specific niche
that you wanna be in.
Do you wanna do weddings?
Do you wanna do corporate videos?
Do you wanna do headshots?
Do you wanna do portraits?
So think about what itis that you like doing
and then really gear your business
towards that niche becauseyou will become an expert,
you will stand out above the general
kind of production companies
and people will hireyou for your skillset.
Okay the next way that youcan make money is YouTube.
YouTube has given us so much opportunity
to build a business andjust off YouTube alone
you can make money off of the ad revenue.
This might take a while, it does take time
to build up your following,
and to build up youramount of views per day
but it’s just one of those things
you keep putting videos out,
you keep growing, and eventually
the ad money will keep coming in.
Personally, I’ve gotten to the point
where all my bills and all my expenses
are paid off YouTubead money which is crazy
because I’ve only been doingYouTube for about three years.
It did take a year anda half of just producing
content all the timebefore I started seeing
more subscribers come in andmy views started to take off.
One tip for YouTube is thatsolve people’s problems.
So think about what peopleare searching on Google.
They search questions,so if you have the answer
to people’s questions,you’re gonna end up getting
more views which willturn into subscribers.
So when you’re creating your YouTube,
think of what niche that you’regonna put your YouTube in.
Are you gonna be a makeup,or are you gonna be film,
are you gonna be travel?
And then within that niche,
make sure that youanswer people’s questions
so that not all your videos are vlogs
because if you don’t have a following,
vlogs are not the most exciting.
If you have an engaged following,
vlogs become more exciting.
So you need to have avariance in types of videos,
some answering people’s questions
and then others that are fun videos,
stuff that you really want to produce
and then you’ll start building a following
and get people engaged
and people that want towatch all your videos.
So the next way is not necessarily
money in your pocket but it’s products.
So you can get paid in freebies.
This week alone, I’ve gotten a bunch
of different things sentto me, I got a stabilizer,
I got motion control system by Syrp.
And basically whenproducts get sent to you,
that is money in your pocket
because you’re not going outthere and purchasing products.
Now this isn’t gonna happen overnight
right when you startcreating content on YouTube
or Instagram or any social network,
it does take time and ittakes having a following
for companies to wanna work with you.
But as you get bigger, it doesn’t hurt
to start reaching out to companies
and start getting some free products.
It might start small but asyou get bigger and bigger,
more companies wanna work with you
and you’ll get more freebies.
Personally, I get alot of film making gear
and I also get a ton of hotels
and adventures when we’re traveling.
So that’s money that I don’t have to spend
and it’s great becauseI get to try things,
I get to do things that I wouldn’t
necessarily have paid for.
We’ve been to some placesand gone to some hotels
that we would have never booked ourselves.
So there’s definitely benefitsto building your following
and getting the freebies.
So the next way that you can get paid
is through affiliate programs.
And what an affiliate program is
it’s basically, if you like a product
and you share it, you can have a link
where you get a kickback everytime someone buys a product.
So Amazon Affiliates is huge,
that’s one of the biggest money makers
for me as Amazon Affiliates.
I use which allows me
to put all my gear andeverything that I use
in one place so thatif someone ever asks me
what cameras I use, what equipment I use,
I just send them thereand if someone decides
to buy a product through that site,
I end up getting a kickback.
Another big place that I get
a lot of money through affiliates is DJI
through some of my videoswhen I do drone videos,
I’ll have affiliatelinks to the drone itself
and if someone decides to buy it
using my link in my description,
I end up getting a kickback,
which is awesome because right now
I have a bunch of moneysitting in my DJI account
so whenever DJI releases another product
that I’m interested in,it’s gonna just be free.
Another way that you canmake money with your camera
right now is create a digital course.
So if you have a topic that youcould teach other people on,
you could create a digital course.
Digital courses are super easy to make
and there’s little to no overhead
when you’re actuallymaking a digital course.
There’s sites out therewhere you could start
making a course right nowand just using your camera,
you could put together a course
and start selling it on their platform.
Udemy and Skillshare aregreat places to start
because you can build itwithout any money out of pocket.
Personally, I build allmy courses on Thinkific
because then I have complete control
over everything I want to do.
The down side is it’s an independent site
so I’m not on a big library site.
So people can’t just discover me that way,
however there are a lot of benefits
to being able to create my own site
and really customize it however I want.
The next way to start makingmoney with your camera
is stock footage, stock photography.
This is something I’ve talked about a lot
but there is definitely moneyto be made in selling stock.
So whenever I’m out shooting,
I always have in the back of my mind
what I could sell out ofthis situation as stock?
So last night, I was out shooting a video
for a free gimbal that I got,
a little tutorial aboutdoing some gimbal stuff.
I’m gonna do a reviewabout the gimbal as well
within that tutorial.
I was also thinking howcould I get some stock shots
out of what I was shooting?
And so, I shot some different shots
that I could use as stockand these were all shot in 4K
which could be sold anywherefrom $20 to $200 a shot.
It’s pretty incredible whatstock footage will sell for
and you don’t have to havethe most amazing footage
to sell it as stock.
So if you’re interested in stock footage,
I highly suggest checking out
a couple of the other videoson my YouTube channel.
I talk about stockfootage and the industry,
it’s a great way to bringin some extra money.
However, it’s not gonna be instantaneous,
it’s like YouTube, it takes time to build.
But if you keep putting the time
and over the next few yearsyou’ll have a big stock library
that will bring in sales everyday.
Okay, so the next waybuilds on the freebies
that I was talking about.
And this is paid products and paid trips.
So as your following grows, more companies
will be interested in working with you.
And they’ll actually pay youto show up at their hotel
or to promote their product or service.
So there’s definitely been some trips
that I’ve gone on where a client
has paid me to show up andshoot footage for them.
I also produce some content
for here on YouTube or my Instagram.
What happens is they end upwanting marketing material,
and they find you throughyour social media.
Now depending on the client,
there’s gonna be adifferent contract involved,
but a lot of times, what they want
is content for their social media.
So they’re asking you to produce
whatever it is that you like producing
and then share it all with them
that they can use freelyfor any of their marketing.
And it works out wellbecause you get a paid trip
or a paid activity and thenyou’re also creating content
that you can use for yourself.
So it’s a win-win.
And when it comes to products,
there are companies that will pay you
to advertise on yourYouTube or your Instagram.
I have a friend who makes a living
entirely off just promotingproducts on his Instagram.
Which is crazy.
As you build yourfollowing, and as you grow,
what happens is there’s different sites
where that can connectyou with advertisers.
You just sign up with all these sites
and even if you have a small following,
there are products that will work with you
for a little bit of money.
As your following grows,the amount of money
you make per post will grow.
Eighth way to make moneyoff your camera right now
just goes alongside withall the social media
and that is create products.
If you’re a photographer,
make products out of your photographs,
so sell prints, put themup onto different websites
that allow you to sellyour photography as prints,
people will discoverit, people will buy it.
If you have cool designs, youcould sell them as merchandise
as shirts, hats, all that good stuff.
This is my logo, thisis a hat I just made,
I might start selling something like this.
So there’s different waysthat you could go out there
and make merchandise out ofwhat it is that you’re doing.
Now, I’m gonna give you onemore bonus way to make money
off of you camera andthis really goes down to
what you’re passionate about.
So for me, personally, I loveshooting documentary films.
I’m working on a documentarywith some friends
and we’re doing this becausewe just love creating films.
However, you can make a lotof money if you sell a film.
So there’s some many distribution
outlets out there nowadays,you can sell your film
to somewhere like Netflix or Amazon.
Or if you don’t end up selling your film,
there’s so many methodsthat you can go out there
and self-distribute here online.
So it’s never been a better time
to be a content creatorbecause there is so many ways
that we can make money doingthe things that we wanna do.
When I first graduatedfilm school here in LA,
it was very limited on what I was gonna do
with my film career.
I first went down the blockbuster path,
I was working on bigfeatures, big motion pictures
and I realized that that wasn’t for me.
I enjoy self-producing, Ienjoy doing stuff like this.
So I started a small production company
with my wife and we produced for clients.
But I always had in the back of my head
that I wanted to do someof these passion projects.
I really love travel and doing all this
so I started my YouTube channel,
I started the Instagram,and as this has grown,
this is now becoming a career path
just as my productioncompany is a career path.
And you can make money doing both.
So guys, I’d love to hear your thoughts
on these tips on how to make money
with your camera right now.
Are you using some of these tips?
Is there things thatI didn’t cover in this
that you personally are using
to make money off ofyour camera right now?
I’d love to hear some tipsthat you guys have for me.
Alright, if you’re new to this channel,
make sure you hit that subscribe button.
There’s a lot of awesomefilm making tutorials,
I’ve got some cool content when I travel,
do the adventure stuff.
Some behind the scenesfrom my other projects,
make sure you come find meon Instagram @JevenDovey
and guys, I’ll see you on the next one.

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