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7 Ways To Make MONEY With Your Camera…

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7 Ways To Make MONEY With Your Camera…

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well here tell you those people could
not be more wrong today we’re breaking
down seven ways you can make money with
your camera whether it’s an iPhone
whether it’s a ten thousand dollar
camera it doesn’t matter there’s seven
ways you can make money all at the exact
same time it is true everything you’ve
been told by all those doubters all
those haters it is a lie
but first hang on what color we want
today thinking orange oh yeah I like
that so like all pieces of advice what
I’m telling you in today’s video you
guys can take it for yourself digest it
and use it however you want you could
make you know an extra hundred bucks a
month doing everything I’m talking about
for you could take it to level 100 and
you know maybe make a couple thousand
dollars extra every single month doing
all seven of these things okay and
remember what these tips is just like
everything else in life it’s a
combination of hard work dedication and
skill all put together that makes you
successful so why are taking advantage
of my tips make sure you’re out
practicing with your camera practicing
your photos practicing your video to be
the best creative person you can
possibly beat and get the most out of
these tips so without waiting longer
let’s jump into it all so guys do me a
solid if you’re enjoying the video at
any point hit that thumbs up button for
me that’s all I ask
I greatly appreciate it so a way to make
money one is YouTube what we are doing
right now
YouTube is an amazing platform all you
need to start is a camera and on YouTube
you don’t really need networks anymore
you don’t really need anything honestly
except the camera your channel and your
beautiful face talking to that camera
now on YouTube you have to get to 10,000
views before you can start getting paid
before you can monetize your videos but
YouTube is a business like everything
else and they want the good content to
be seen by people so they can make more
you can make more money as well so if
you’re putting out good content it
should not be that hard to get the
10,000 views and start getting paid
money making method to stock footage and
stock video no matter what you’re into
if you’re into photos you’re into video
you can go out you can shoot whatever
you want to shoot and then upload it to
various different sites to have that
footage available for other people a lot
of big companies a lot of news networks
advertising agencies they don’t
necessarily have the time to go out for
clients and make this footage so you as
a freelancer you as just somebody with a
camera you can do this for them and get
paid for it so definitely take advantage
of stock photo stock video no not
everything you make has to necessarily
go on there but there’s plenty of things
that are in high demand on those sites
and they do pay relatively well money
making method 3 is prints products and
merchandising now let’s say you take a
photo you put it on Instagram and man
that thing goes crazy make it available
for print you can have a website set up
where a company prints all your photos
for you just have them available and say
hey if you want to buy one of these bang
they’re available at a service we’ll
handle it for you
there’s also merch websites that do the
exact same thing so whatever it is you
are making as a creative there are
plenty of services that will take that
beautiful thing you’re making with your
camera and translate it to other
products available for other people
super simple so easy thanks to the
internet money making method for make a
website a blog and utilize google
adsense now google adsense is
technically what you use on youtube to
get paid for the ads on the video but
these ads can be applied to websites and
blogs as well if your photographer if
your videographer and you’re making
steady content you can post them to your
website and Google Adsense will allow
you to place ads on your page and get
paid for these advertisements I think
there’s a way to even do it with a
Tumblr page if you have your tumblr
connected to a website and you post
there frequently there’s a little bit of
a learning curve to getting it set up
and learning about Google Adsense but
once you do is a big tool that you can
utilize and it’s pretty self-sustaining
all you gotta do is set up the initial
part had the ads on your website and
then just keep posting your site and ad
stay there and you start making money
off it money making method 5 is what I
call the traditional method these are
things that have been around for a very
long time there’s traditional way of
doing things and luckily you can still
do them now in 2017 things like portrait
photography things like wedding photos
wedding videos into
music videos approach everything you can
think of just be creative there’s so
many different ways to use your camera
to make photos for other individuals and
use these traditional outlets that
videographers and photographers have had
for you know like the last 20 and 30
years money making methods 6th is
utilizing your influence now this does
take a little bit of time to build it
does take a while to build a following
but once you do you now have influence
and it’s up to you to decide how you use
that influence what things you want to
promote what things are into if you even
want to do it at all now with so many
social media outlets and so many
unconventional ways of advertising
companies are spending a lot of money to
advertise through individuals quote
influence or influential people and
people go about this in different ways
some people just sell out 100% it’s just
ad after ad after ad some people don’t
do any at all myself I think there’s a
nice middle ground where you can work
with companies and collaborate on
different things that make sense for
your brand but that option is there and
is definitely a good way to make some
occasional extra money money making
method number seven the last one on the
list is the Amazon affiliate program now
Amazon affiliate is a great program that
amazon offers basically where you as an
individual can help them sell their
products you can do basically everything
a lot of people do it with books shot at
the Taj Lopez you know that guy who like
does all the advertisements on YouTube
where he’s like this is my Lamborghini
yeah he does a lot with Amazon
affiliates as well as other programs
where he sells books and then he gets a
percentage off of them what amazon
affiliates allows you to do is you get a
special link with your code and when
someone buys that product you get a
percentage of that sale so let’s say
you’re making YouTube videos you’re
posting a lot on Instagram and you’re
using a specific camera myself the Fuji
x-pro 2 for example and now that you
have these affiliate links you let your
followers know hey guys this is the
camera I’ve been using for my videos for
my photos if you want to check one out
check it out through this link support
the channel and if they happen to go and
buy one you get a percentage of that
purchase so Amazon’s Affiliate is a
great program to check out it’s
completely free it’s actually really
easy to set up super user friendly so
that is it’s seven ways you can make
money with your camera you can do all
these things simultaneously in a given
month I’d be making money seven
different ways using what you love using
your camera
in photos making video just having fun
technology has changed the photography
and video industry quite a bit but it’s
not all bad it’s just on view as the
creative hustle to think of different
ways to make money and make a career out
of this so I hope this video helped you
guys out do me a solid once again hit
that thumbs up button subscribe to the
channel if you are new duh I’ll catch
you guys on Wednesday don’t speed up I
like the tango dancing with these words
I can’t accept my thoughts oh it’s
getting worse no worse
now all my friend Amber’s

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